Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Back to the trenches

Sorry it's been so quiet around here of late.  Blame mostly pressures of work.
Anyway, back now to what my dear wife calls 'cocking about.'  I bought these sandbag sections off eBay a few months ago - I think they are 28mm scale and amount to a total of 4 feet in length.  I have based them using some scrap mdf and hardboard and gave the ensemble a basic pant job topped off with Ronseal's medium oak satin varnish.
The chaps lurking within are ancient 54mm WW1 Brits.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Battered B-25

Another dusty derelict from the Partizan plane purchase now. This only slightly ratty B-25 was finished in a fetching shade of dark blue (under half an inch of dust) but the markings were at best decidedly flaky.
My efforts involved some repairs and a new set of decals. I decided to preserve the dust - it's an original feature!

Friday, 31 March 2017

Muenchengratz, 1866

Martin has already posted a report of this game over on his blog - see it here.  So I'll not say much except where I feel the Austrian point of view needs representing more accurately!
In the game I was General Clam Gallas - derided by the Prussians who claimed 'he eats better than he fights."  Which just makes me like him all the more!  Anyway, in between ordering and eating a seventeen course lunch I conducted a masterly defence of the area.

Here is my Austrian corps deployed for defence...
...and here my tardy Saxon allies march lethargically into position.
As hordes of unsmiling black-clad Prussians flowed over the bridge my chaps set to with shovels and dug in.

As my chaps came under pressure I managed some inspired dice rolling!

Meanwhile the Saxons  - having had a brief glimpse of the enemy - buggered off.

In between courses Clam Gallas had displayed enough leadership to hold off the Prussians and then extricate his men.  Clearly a major Austrian victory then.  No really.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

A Knight to remember?

You'll no doubt recall my recent Agincourt game?  As if to prove that the players not only forgave me for such a travesty but actually liked it, John A turned up a couple of weeks ago with some figures he'd turned up in a charity shop.
Timpo, Crescent and Herald are represented in their ranks.
The survivors are seen above during their programme of refurbishment.  The three mounted chaps will be joining the French army for the next outing of Agincourt while the foot figures include what looks like Henry V in person (centre front).