Thursday, 18 January 2018

Review of 2017 - toys and projects

Most of my painting output in the past year has been 1/32 scale figures - a trend I expect to continue.  Having the Leipzig game in late September provided some (much needed!) focus and I was able to add fair numbers of Austrians and Russians....
Hungarian infantry regiment
...together with oddities like the CTS North Koreans.

I also bought - on impulse - a collection of 18th Century figures from a follow blogger across at Portland Little Wars.  Added to the few figures I had already painted for this era these chaps give me a pair of decent-sized armies.
 The whole collection as purchased
Rebasing under way!
I also built and refurbished more 1/72 aircraft - mostly for Little Cold Wars games...

...and the 2mm figures were revisited and tarted up for use with the new Command & Colours AWI game.

In other news, I have begun work on the follow-up to Little Cold Wars and the playtesting will drive a few games over the coming months.

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Sea Hawk - part 4

It's complete at last!  Behold the mighty Sea Hawk resplendent in it's rather striking yellow & black Suez campaign stripes.

See - it even flies!

Sunday, 14 January 2018

dh Venom

This has just clawed its way out of the Partizan ‘plane purchase pile. Of a similar era to the Canberra and Sea Hawk seen here recently I think this is a Venom rather than the earlier Vampire. I’m not sure of the kit manufacturer, though for reasons unknown I want to say Frog. I might add to the markings later as looks a bit bare. Any thoughts?

Monday, 8 January 2018

Sea Hawk - part 3

With the basic paintwork complete it's on now to the yellow and black Suez invasion stripes.  What could go wrong?
Having masked the outer border it was on with the yellow paint.  Many many coats thereof.
Trust me, it didn't look this good in the flesh.
With the yellow dry more masking was applied to facilitate the black stripes.  This didn't go entirely as planned and a fair bit of touching up was required.

Coming next - the 'Hawk in flight!