Saturday, 18 November 2017

Austrian Hussars

These chaps had their debut outing at September’s Leipzig game. The figures are actually Italeri French hussars which I have owned for some years. They were painted by fellow blogger, wargamer, author and all-round good chap Conrad Kinch. Apparently at least one member of the aristocratic Von Kinch family served in this very regiment......

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Basically brilliant Buccaneer

Fresh from the Partizan ‘plane purchase pile is this rather lovely and surprisingly intact Buccaneer. Resplendent in RAF markings and all-over brown and tan camouflage it’s a very pleasing addition to my Little Cold Wars air forces.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Furiously fettling feeble French foot

Here are a few photos of the post-Leipzig game sort-out of my French infantry.  They're not lookers but there are decent numbers of them.  I plan to paint up some neater units for next year's game.

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Painting 54mm plastics - a duffer's guide part 4

Once the paint is dry I apply a coat of varnish.  As I like a glossy 'toy soldier' look I use either Gloss or Satin varnish by Ronseal or it's B&Q equivalent.  I have taken to using satin recently as it does in fact give quite a glossy finish and dries quickly.  A second coat can be applied - not least as I'll have missed bits first time round.  Make sure to put plenty on bendy extremities like musket barrels and swords.

Some figures look better with a bit of pigment in the varnish - such as these very well detailed CTS North Koreans.  Rather then clear varnish I used Ronseal Satin Light Oak.  More expensive products are available but as far as I can see they're not any more effective.
Finally I stick a bit pf magnetic sheet to the bottom of the base.  Why?  Because I use thin steel movement bases and I like the figures to be secure... this!

That's the end of this series of posts  - unless there's anything you feel I didn't cover.