Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Task Force Smith - a Little Cold Wars game

Last Wednesday I ran a test of a scenario I am working on for the follow-up to Little Cold Wars.  So now you know why I was painting all these North Koreans and the Great Patriotic War surplus Sturmovik and Lavochkin.  I also made some new hills - they're the brown ones in the photos and roads.
In the event the scenario needs a bit of tweaking as I felt is was unsatisfactory - though all four players enjoyed it.  We'll try the revised version next year but I thought you'd want to see the photos anyway.  John was Col. Smith with Graham as his artillery officer.  Martin and Tim led the commies.
The situation is pretty well known.  Basically an under-strength US infantry battalion (1/21st) has been hurriedly flown from Japan, driven across Korea for several days and them dumped on a wet and muddy hillside which sits astride the NK route south.  What could go wrong?
As usual with Little Cold Wars games the figures are 1/32, vehicles 1/50ish and aircraft 1/72.  Stands are US platoons or KPA half-companies.
So exciting was the game that I kept forgetting to take photos.  Above - TF Smith having dealt with the first T-34s the others begin a flanking move.
US infantry (Britains Deetail) goat over their early success.
Just in front of the burning T-34 can be seen the 75mm RCL platoon which did the damage.
Col. Smith keeps an eye on things.
KPA infantry trudge unimaginatively forward.

Each turn dice were rolled for air support - needing a 12 on 2D^.  There was dancing in the streets of Pyongyang at this point.
Soon my recently completed IL-2 was in the air  - and supported only by a bent wire clothes hanger it flew down the road bombing and strafing.  To no great effect.

Next turn an further 12 was rolled and the LA-5 came out to play....

...with similar lack of effect!
By now KPA infantry was surging across the bridge and things were getting quite unpleasant.

At this point we drew a veil over the action and discussed revisions to the layout and briefings. 

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Lavochkin LA-5

Friday.  Needing another Soviet aircraft to accompany my Sturmovik  I went rummaging for the fighter (was it a YAK or a Lavochkin?) I was convinced was in stock.  Either my search skills or memory were at fault though, as I couldn't find such a thing.  The internet responded well to the challenge and this Italeri LA-5 kit arrived on the Friday. 
 Saturday.  The following day I built the thing.  It wasn't a challenging build

Sunday.  I spray painted the ensemble green.
Monday.  Painted camo and details.
Tuesday.  Applied decals and varnish.
Wednesday.  Used it in a game!  more on the game coming soon.

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Araxes, 529BC

Historically this battle saw Cyrus The Great try to extend his domains east of the Caspian Sea.  Here he encountered the Massagetai and in an earlier battle captured the heir to the throne.  The lad in question, Spargapises,   committed suicide rather then be ransomed.  None of this endeared Cyrus to the local Queen, Tomyris, who ordered her archers to target the Persian King .  It clearly worked for Cyrus perished on the field.  What would happen this time round?
For the game - played using my Hexon terrain and 25mm toys - I was Cyrus the Great while John played the enraged Queen.  The top photo shows the initial deployments - Persians astride the river.

The King of Kings skulking behind his Immortals.
The Persian line soon surged forward
My plan was to keep the enemy pinned against the hill line.
Persian cavalry making a little foray on the left.  The marshy ground didn't help.
A Persian unit scores an unheard-of three hits against a Massagetai warrior unit.  That'll teach 'em.

As you can see, it got very messy in the centre.

Even Cyrus braved the hail of arrows and advanced to encourage his Immortals...
...who duly dispatched a seventh enemy unit to secure a hard-fought victory.

So Cyrus lives still!

Saturday, 25 November 2017

Stormy Vic - part 2

Behold the completed Sturmovik!  I used the decals from the kit, after applying a version of the suggested paintwork.  The red spinner was my own idea but it somehow looks right.

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Stormy Vic - part 1

I dug out this Sturmovik kit recently as I have a game idea which requires such a beast. It went together pretty well - the parts fit was rather good.
The kit came equipped with bomb racks.  This being a ground attack machine it seemed like a good idea to fit them.

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Austrian Hussars

These chaps had their debut outing at September’s Leipzig game. The figures are actually Italeri French hussars which I have owned for some years. They were painted by fellow blogger, wargamer, author and all-round good chap Conrad Kinch. Apparently at least one member of the aristocratic Von Kinch family served in this very regiment......